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A message from Omar aka McMaax, Founder of Maaximum Seduction

Welcome. My name is Omar aka McMaax. I am the founder of Maaximum Seduction. I launched this outfit 8 years ago to extend my 20 plus years of `live in field`experience, knowledge and expertise in the area of cold approach seduction, relationship building, social dynamics, male female relationships, peak performance, self mastery to other men. Really my purpose was and is to shape the modern man into the Maaximum Man. Currently there are 3 schools of thought about what kind of man that is that women and people desire, respect and revere. The first school, thanks to 2nd wave radical feminism suggests that women want a White knight, perfect gentleman, provider type. We both know this is more so advertising and what women have been cornered by the sisterhood to say than what they instinctively want. However many men believe this and many women don't mind the economic gain to them and their brood.

The second school of though is the PUA community PUA community teaches quite the opposite. It often promotes to its very loyal, social misfit members and followers that you need to treat women as dispensable objects, be over the top Alpha, dominant, macho, indifferent, in some cases misogynistic, sexist, abrasive, be a player. This also doesn't work. You tend to develop hatred for yourself for treating yourself in such a dispensable manner, on top of others, women. You find that usually only broken, bruised, self disrespecting, low quality, low intellect, party type women are up for short, quick lived, superficial interactions with you but then with someone else on another day also, you find that you are still left feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, broken, still can't seem to have/hold a gorgeous, high quality woman as she finds you a complete turn off, juvenile, immature, too confident, too suave, a bad boy to take home for the night but not to take home to her family, a high risk.

Well the last school of thought that you have probably been introduced to is one which tells you to be a woman's friend, problem solver, psychologist, entertainment, dancing monkey. So you try to get into her bed, her heart and her mind by playing it safe, not stepping over the line but remaining a bit short of it, thinking that she appreciates your friendliness, your conservative approach, your treatment of her like an equal, co worker, buddy. However you find that you have been thrown into the "let's just be friends bucket" and kissing you would be like Lorraine kissing Marty in "Back to the Future". So now what Genius?
Whether you are looking to expand your dating options, you want to master any social domain you enter, you want to attract the woman of your dreams, you want to feel confident and empowered in social situations or you simply want to gain control over your life and of the self, we can make that happen. We will show you the "Truth" live in the field about how to be the Maaximum Man in today's world. Inquire about our live in field training programs.

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Join me each Thurs(11 am to 12 pm EST) and Sun from 1 pm to 2 PM EST for my weekly free global Skype group coaching session-Omar, Founder, Maaximum Seduction.

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Maaximum Seduction 160 Erskine Ave,Toronto, Ontario Canada, M4P1Z4 SkypeID:maaximumman

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