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A message from Omar aka McMaax, Founder of Maaximum Seduction

Welcome. My name is Omar aka McMaax. I am the founder of Maaximum Seduction. I launched his outfit 8 years ago to extend my 20 plus years of `live in field`experience, knowledge and expertise in the area of cold approach seduction, social dynamics, male female relationships, high level persuasive communication, life and self mastery. Really my purpose was and is to shape the modern man into the Maaximum Man. Whether you are looking to expand your dating options, you want to master any social domain you enter, you want to attract the woman of your dreams, you want to feel confident and empowered in social situations or you simply want to gain control over your life and of the self, we can make that happen. Inquire about our live in field training programs.

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