Over the past 7 years, we have systematically developed the most effective method in the world-"The Maaximum Method" for not just attracting and dating women of exceptional beauty and quality, but for self and life mastery. Our ideas have been featured in the media and have been applied by 1000's of men worldwide with absolute success. We consistently demonstrate our ideas or "walk our talk" on actual women during our Live in field, PUA training programs more so than anyone else. As a result, we are a dominant force in the "Dating coaching domain"and rightly so.

Our continual mission is to help men globally, really gain power and choice in their lives so they can reach an unparalleled level of self fulfilment and happiness. Whether you want to feel socially empowered, you’re looking to meet the right girl, or you just want better dating options, Maaximum Seduction can make it happen for you.

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There is no better nor quicker way to master the “Dating Game” than to go out into the field and immerse yourself in it and practice interacting with the opposite sex. However why not save yourself years of pain and frustration trying to figure out what works through trial and error. Instead, register for one of our PUA training programs and let us take you out into real world social venues and show you to master the “dating game” live. That’s right! We will show you“step by step”, right before your very own eyes, how to approach, attract and seduce the hottest and highest quality women in any situation, regardless of your looks, age, income, background, education level, body type, etc!