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Can you "identify" with any of these scenarios?

Well I am here to tell you that, it doesn't have to be like this.

I am going to teach you the most powerful and effective system to master your dating and sex life in no time! 100 % Guaranteed!

My name is Omar Khan aka "McMaax" and I know exactly how you feel. I have felt the same frustration, not so long ago myself. I can't tell you how many times I have blown opportunities to meet, attract and seduce women that I knew I should have or even worse that I knew would have liked me. However I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be like that. See I have spent several years of my life figuring out in the "real world" what works and doesn't in seducing and dating beautiful women, so that you don't have to. I put all of my "real world" experience into a simple yet deadly system so that I could have a "step by step" approach to getting any woman I wanted.

I am now going to show you how to do the same using my revolutionary system known globally as "The Maaximum Method" so that you can master yourself, your social environment and the seduction process. That's right. You will learn how to systematically approach, attract, seduce and procure relationships with women of exceptional beauty and quality, regardless of your looks, age or income!

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The Maaximum Method-The most truthful, fail proof, detailed, scientifically proven and socially savvy approach to mastering your dating and sex life

The reason my system is unparalleled by anything else out there is because of all of the painstaking, gut wrenching scrutiny, analysis and detail that went into it.

It is the culmination of my many years of "real world" research  trying to figure out how to successfully meet, attract and seduce beautiful, high quality women until I did. This was coupled with breaking down the "step by step" movements of "natural lady killers" who themselves couldn't put a finger on it, in terms of what specifically they did to succeed with women. Well I did that work for them and for you.

As if this wasn't enough, there was one more thing that I did, to really make my model 100% fail proof. Analyze and breakdown every single dating outfit, system, philosophy, strategy, piece of advice and self-proclaimed dating expert out there on the web and compensate for any loop holes or shortcomings I noticed in their ideas. Unfortunately there were many kinks I found. However because of this, I was able to develop a 100% fail proof system that any guy could use to systematically and successfully approach, attract and seduce the women of his desires as well as master himself and his dating and sex life.

Specifically my years of painstaking "Live in field" experience taught me a few things. First that you need to do 3 things to master the "Dating Game". You will learn what they are in my ebook. I also learned that the complete seduction process, in other words the process of first meeting a woman to starting a sexual and emotional relationship with her is mapped out into "7 steps". You take any woman through these steps and I can guarantee you that you will land her as your lover, girlfriend and even long time partner and yes this is 100% field tested and fail proof!

You will learn my 7 step seduction system so that you can walk into any social venue and know exactly "step by step" how to approach, sexually attract and seduce the beautiful women in it. You will have the ability to consistently procure a number, date, long-term relationship or even hot rendezvous with any one of the women you desire! Guaranteed! In fact you will start getting these types of results within days of applying my method as 1000's of others have.

"I immediately noticed a shift in my way of thinking, feeling and also acting a week after really absorbing the amazing content in this ebook. I am now able to successfully walk into any social venue and approach and attract any woman I set my eyes on, on a consistent basis".
-Johnny, Colorado

"The book completely shocked me. I couldn't believe how much stuff I had no clue about, when it came to attracting and seducing high quality women. I am finally awake from my sleep and getting amazing results in my dating and sex life".
-Mark, Germany

See most men think of reasons not to talk to a beautiful woman, telling themselves, "she's probably taken" or "what if she's not friendly?" In other words, they think of all of the things that could go wrong, thereby shooting themselves in the foot before they even open their mouths.

This is why most men don't actually meet women, but simply drool at them from a distance, hoping and praying that they will magically fall into their arms. We both know this will never happen. Other men have no clue about what to say or do to attract and seduce a beautiful woman. As a result most men end up with women of second grade quality and ultimately miserable and unhappy.

Do you want to end up like this?

If the answer is "no way in hell", then you need to learn how to change your mindset and body language so that no matter what, you naturally and effortlessly attract beautiful women anywhere you go. In addition you need to learn the logistics of approaching, attracting and seducing women in any and every situation. In other words, you need to take action and then you will be "rewarded" with the dating and sex life of your dreams.

Now you can spend years taking action to try to figure out how to attract and seduce women of beauty and quality by trial and error, or you can save yourself the time, pain and frustration by modeling the best.

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By following my easy to follow Maaximum Method you will undoubtedly transform yourself into a modern day Casanova in no time! Now available as a top selling dating ebook!

My ebook will show you how to unleash a "natural" sense of unshakable self-confidence that is already within you as well as teach you how to develop specific non-verbal mannerisms that women of exceptional beauty and quality, universally find desirable.

That's right! You will learn how to use your body language to attract the most beautiful women anywhere you go, without you having to say a word. Imagine that! Having the power to naturally and seamlessly attract the hottest and highest quality women -all the time and everytime!

My ebook will also break down the entire pick up and seduction process for you, from first approaching a woman to starting a sexual relationship with her into a systematic 7 step model that you can easily apply. In addition you will learn the social logistics to work a club, bar, social party or lounge and walk away with the hottest piece of arm candy as well as how to properly customize your seduction skills for a day time venue like a mall or the streets to attract and seduce the most beautiful and highest quality women there.

The result-You will be able to consistently attract and seduce the women of your desires, anywhere and anytime!. It even goes one step further than the other books out there and will also give you a complete game plan to "keep that beautiful woman of quality" once you have seduced her.

How does that sound?

Exclusive Material in my ebook-Not found anywhere else!

My "7 step model of seduction" covers "2 factors or steps" in successfully attracting and seducing women that most systems fail to mention. Not executing the first step means the difference between getting shot down by a woman upon the approach or having a woman beg for you to approach her and even seduce her. Not executing the second step means the difference between simply generating mere interest in a woman for you or raw sexual attraction for you, so that she wants to sleep with you. Trust me, this alone makes up the price of this book!

What my dating ebook course is not!

-It is NOT a vague manual with cheap advice like "be yourself" or "be positive".

-It is NOT another book on how to manipulate attraction with "pick up lines" or canned material.

-It is NOT a system which assumes that you are good looking or have experience with meeting and attracting women.

What you should expect and what I will deliver-hands down!

You will learn how to unleash your "Natural" Alpha self  which will automatically cause women and people to gravitate towards you, as well as the social logistics to go from Point A-First entering a social venue to Point Z-Establishing a sexual and emotional relationship with any of the women in that venue using my world renown "7 step model" for pick up and seduction mastery. This way you get-Consistent results all the time!

Here are just a few of the things you will learn.

Wait there's more..

A Bonus section with extra value-add material including Live in field reports chronicling my wild exploits for you to learn from.

This section contains...

And much, much more in over 80 pages of
no-nonsense, jam-packed advice!

I know what you may be thinking... Can a system really exist to attract women?

Just as all men universally and reliably respond in the same way to a woman who is beautiful and fit or in other words has high replication value, women are universally programmed to respond to certain traits to get them sexually attracted to us just as reliably. After all, all women share 99.9% the same genes with each other. Hence my system is based on this premise and will show you what specific traits women universally are hard-wired to respond to in a sexual manner.

Also, you are completely covered by our iron clad 30 day money back guarantee! so you have nothing to lose but a life beyond your wildest dreams to gain!

In fact, I'm so sure you can use these techniques to blow away the guy with the expensive car, the Gucci shoes, and the built pecs, that if you don't meet or seduce at least three hot women this year, I'll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. All you have to do is shoot me an email and it's done. Sound fair? Or if you're dissatisfied for ANY reason, just let me know and you will be entitled to a full refund.

In addition my ebook is now on sale for only $19.95(Original price $29.95) for a limited time only!

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your dating and sex life, right now!

"I feel that the format of Maaximum Seduction's system is the best one in the world. At one time I actually had some game subconsciously, but didn't know what I was doing. Now I have a proven system of how to attract and seduce any woman I want, consistently!"
Kevin, Sacramento, California

Here is an actual testimonial from a woman

"I met Maax at a mall and he completely blew me away with his amazing confidence and engaging personality and created a 'star struck' appeal right away. He then explained his 7 point model and how he used it to get my attention. I became an instant believer in his system. Since, then I have introduced a lot of my own male friends and colleagues to Maax's unparalleled systematic approach. I know that it will work with any woman and would benefit all men in becoming not just masterful in approaching us, but in meeting their own personal goals in becoming more successful, confident and dominant men. This will in return attract us and keep us for the long haul. All in all Maax's system is the most effective system for a man to gain the women of his dreams without compromising himself".
Janet, Toronto, Canada

Also my book is now in Electronic Format for Instant download! That's right! You will get "instant access" to this book and can download it onto your computer and start to read it, within seconds of placing your order online!

Some major benefits of this are:



Isn't it worth investing a few dollars on your personal development to enjoy a lifetime of success?

It's sad but true that most guys out there spend thousands of dollars on their cars, status symbols, dinners, flowers, and gifts only to hope to "get lucky". 

However, by applying the steps outlined in my ebook, you will be able to achieve what these guys can only dream of on a repeatable, predictable basis for only a fraction of the cost-the same cost you’d incur on a few wasted dinners.

So leave behind forever the frustration and hesitation when you see beautiful women. Leave behind that do-nothing rut where you always go home alone, beating yourself up for not acting on your desires. Leave behind the cold sting of rejection.

Instead enter a world of feminine abundance where YOU have control over the women you want in your life. Don’t be another miserable statistic. You know, the kind of guy who lived out only 10% of his sexual potential.

You’re only one hair away from having the dating and sex life of your dreams. Nothing should stop you from making that last small step that will explode your success with women and dating. Hell, let’s face it… soon you’ll be dead and buried.  You have only ONE chance on this Earth to make the most of it and one of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself is have a beautiful woman in your lap and in love with the REAL you.

I’m not talking about one of those fleeting moments of happiness and excitement like when you get a new car or get a job promotion. I’m talking about true, long lasting contentment that you wake up with every morning and makes you happy to be alive. Yes, that’s the feeling you get when you’re with a beautiful woman.

What are you trying to achieve? What is the snag in your success? Let the Maaximum Method transform your life and give you the dating and sex life of your dreams.

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"I was always a confident guy and would have no fear of approaching or talking to women, but I always seemed to attract them in a dancing monkey, non-sexual way. But once McMaax showed me his mind-blowing, systematic model I saw results that very same day".
- Jee, Toronto, Canada

"I purchased your ebook and thought it was excellent. I started to notice improvements in my game almost instantly. Regards".
- Eric, Montreal, Canada

Isn't it worth the investment of only a few dollars to attain true status in life which is "Genetic status" by having power and choice in your dating and sex life....?

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